There are a lot of techniques that a bartender can use to make a cocktail. The most used techniques are listed here:

Other methods that you can use behind a bar are:


Instead of using a cocktail shaker to mix the ingredients, a electric blender is used to mix the differed ingredients. Mostly used to mix fresh fruit, liquor, juices and ice. This method is not preferred by all, but it's a easy way to mix the ingredients. Top


This method is consist of pouring the ingredients in the glass, in shuts manner that the different ingredients are layered on top of each other. You can use a bar spoon to create this effect. Top


Use a cocktail shaker to mix the ingredients. First you'll need to fill the shaker about three (3) quarters with ice. Then you'll need to pour the alcoholic ingredients in. The alcoholic ingredients have to go in such the order that the ingredient with the highest percentage of alcohol in it, goes in first. Then pour in the non alcoholic ingredients in. Shake the cocktail with two (2) hand on both sides of the cocktail shaker. When condense starts to form on the shaker, the cocktail is sufficed mixed. And can be poured in to the glass. Top


The easiest way to make a cocktail. Just put all the ingredients in a mixingglass, and mix them together using a glass or metal rod. Then pour the mixed drink in a glass and serve. Top


Flaming is the method by which a cocktail or liquor is set alight, normally to enhance the flavor of a drink. It should only be attempted with caution, and for the above reason only, not to simply look cool. Top


A frosted glass is a glass with the outside of the glass covered with a thin ice coating. This effect is accomplished in the following manner:
  1. Make the outside of the glass wet;
  2. Put the glass in a freezer;
  3. Leave it there for a minimum of a half hour;
  4. When you take the glass out, you'll have a frosted glass.
Always make sure that you don't make the inside of the glass wet. The ice that forms on the inside of the glass, will when it melts, the melting ice formed on the inside of the glass, will dilute the cocktail. Top


To extract the most flavor from certain fresh ingredients such as fruit or mint garnishes, you should crush the ingredient with the muddler on the back end of your bar spoon, or with a pestle. Top


Most cocktail shakers are sold with a build-in strainer or hawthorn strainer. When a drink calls for straining, ensure you've used ice cubes, as crushed ice tends to clog the strainer of a standard shaker. If indeed a drink is required shaken with crushed ice (ie. Shirley Temple), it is to be served unstrained. Top
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