There are many tools for making cocktails. Some of them are useful, some of them don't. Personally I don't use much tools when I'm making a cocktail. The only tools I use often are the cocktail shaker, a jigger, a bar spoon, a bottle opener and a corkscrew (of course).
There are many more tools that you can use behind a bar. You'll have to find out for your self witch tools you'll find handy to use. But which tools you decides to use when you're making a cocktail. Always keep the equipment clean. This is both for you and your guests personal hygiene. If guests see you use dirty equipment, they'll think twice about ordering a drink from your bar, at least that is what I do.

Basic set of tools

The following is a list of basic bar equipment you should have in your bar to allow you to make most drinks. As I said before, you don't have to have all of these tools, but when you have them, they make your life a whole lot easier.

Cocktail Shaker

A shaker is usually made out of metal, or out of glass and metal. And consist out of 2 parts. The shaker can hold about half a litre of liquid. European shakers usually fitted with a built-in strainer, trough which the shaken cocktail is poured. Most American shakers don't have a build in strainer. So if you're using a Mercian type. You'll still have to use a strainer when pouring the cocktail. Top


Jiggers are used to measure a amount of liquid. There isn't a standard measurement for jiggers. This depends on the place where are. So always be certain which amount is measured whit the jigger you're using. Top

Long bar spoon

A bar spoon is basically a spoon with a long handle. You can use this tool when you're making a layered cocktail. Then you'll have to use the spoon to layer the ingredients on top of the other. Top

The Glassware

The glass is one of the most important tool for a bartender. Without it, the drink can not properly be served. For a more complete description, please see the glasses section. Top

Cutting Board and Knife

Always use a cutting board and a sharp knife when you're cutting fruits. The board is used for the hygiene, and the sharp knife makes your life a whole lot easier :. Always keep the board and the knife clean. Using dirty equipment isn't hygienic. And when your guests see you using dirty equipment, they'll think twice about ordering a drink. Top

Juice squeezers

A juice squeezer looks a bit over done. But you'll probably prefer freshly squeezed juices above juices squeezed in a fabric. Most freshly squeezed juices just have a better taste (my humble opinion). Top


You can use a blender to mix fresh fruit, liquor, juices and ice instead of using a shaker. This is perfect for to blend ingredients that are otherwise impossible to mix. Or for making frozen cocktails. Top

Ice Bucket

The ice bucket keep your ice clean and cool. The ice bucket has a width variation of sizes, shapes and material they are made of. When you need some ice for a cocktail, always use a ice tong. This prevents bacilli to get on the ice. Never stick the glass in the ice bucked to get some ice. The glass can break and then you'll need to get some new ice cubes. Top

Bottle opener, corkscrew and bottle sealers

The bottle opener and corkscrew are used to open bottles. When you've opened the bottle and there is still some liquid in them, close the bottle with a bottle sealer. This prevents the drink inside the bottle from going bad. If you'll come in a situation where you can't use fresh fruits and sorts. Than the tin ones will be come in handy. And so also the can opener while then be come handy. Top
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